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Behind the Scenes: Blog Site Redesign

CareerLadr is a blog site focused on building content for burnout recovery and building a sustainable career. It explores wellness principles to grow self-esteem, self-compassion, and reframing career planning as life planning. This blog belongs to myself, Ashvini Sriharan, and is a creative outlet aiding in my own healing.

The vision I have for this blog has transformed many times since its inception in 2017. The current branding and design is now in need of revamping to reflect its overall mission: "To empower those who have not yet found their voice or the path most suited for them, to reclaim the life they deserve and live up to their fullest potential".

The strategy best suited for this brand is a storytelling approach which reflects the audience it hopes to target: women/women of colour or those are are neurodivergent struggling with career burnout or low self-esteem. This means incorporating graphics relating to the audience while also using colours and additional graphics promoting calm and healing.

Previous Versions

Past versions of the blog site were focused on information sharing and promotion of services. V1 focused on educating the reader on the key foundations of the blog whereas V2 is service based. 

The vision for CareerLadr's rebrand will focus on storytelling to help the audience grasp the concept easily and to find a deep connection with what the brand stands for.

CareerLadr Blog Site V2.png

The Blueprint

Dreamscape. Healing. Flow.

Key aspects of the rebrand I would like to include are illustrations similar to a children's book. This inspiration comes from my sixth grade teacher who encouraged us to continue reading children's books even as an adult. This will also allow to create graphics which are fluid, representing the calm and tranquility I hope to bring to the brand. It is also a personal touch which is a reminder to continue healing and embracing our inner child.



Skin toned people dancing/resting

Background with hills, flowers, butterflies

Curvy Ladder


Hot Air Balloons 

  • Person doing yoga 

  • Person lying down

  • Person on swing 

  • Person sitting around birds/butterflies/flowers 

  • Person dancing

  • Person s

The Graphics

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