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I'm Ashvini

Candid photograph of Ashvini Sriharan, the business owner, beaming with joy as she sits behind the wheel of a hot pink vintage car parked on the edge of a cliff in the picturesque town of Göreme, Turkey. In the background, the majestic rocky formations of Cappadocia's valleys and canyons create a breathtaking landscape.

Ash-V-Nee, She / Her

As a Digital Learning & Support Specialist, I'm committed to providing innovative and effective learning solutions tailored to the unique requirements of my clients. My values of innovation, collaboration, and accessibility are at the core of my work, and I'm passionate about creating accessible learning experiences that meet the needs of all learners. If you're looking for a professional with expertise in learning management systems, authoring tools, multimedia software, and a commitment to creating accessible and innovative learning experiences, don't hesitate to contact me to learn more!

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - the Traditional Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, The Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Huron-Wendat and Wyandot Nations - which I now call home with great gratitude and respect for the native lands.

A vintage photograph of Ashvini Sriharan from the back as a curious 4-year-old, wearing a white shirt with pink stripes and pink shorts standing barefoot on the sandy shores of a Sri Lankan beach where she was born

Where it all began

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, my childhood was an exciting one thanks to living on an island filled with wildlife, colour, and culture. I grew up in a home of both Tamil and Sinhalese influence during the civil war, where both cultures were on opposing sides. Despite the reality of my parents' situation, their determination always pushed me to dream big. 

Migrating to Canada in 2002 as a family, my parents managed to overcome the struggles of starting over. Fast forward, I completed my Bachelors in Business (BBA) - Marketing and began my career journey of over 10 years in Projects, Branding, and Software Support. 

Snapshots of
My Experience

Professional screen capture of Ashvini Sriharan, Assistant Project Coordinator at Humber College, in a conference room setting, speaking passionately about the groundbreaking Magnet Job Portal Project. Ashvini, with short wavy black hair and dressed in a black shirt, appears engaged and focused while in the midst of describing the project's innovative features. The neutral conference room backdrop adds to the seriousness and professionalism of the setting.

My first big break!

After graduating with my BBA - Marketing in 2014, my next step was unclear. I applied for job after job without any clarity on what I truly wanted. After a "preparation meets luck" moment, I was offered a Project Coordinator job to support in the Magnet Job Portal pilot software implementation project at Humber College Career Services. In retrospect, this is where I began to build my career in software and resource development. 

Engaging photograph of Ashvini Sriharan, standing confidently in front of a group of faculty members in a classroom setting, while presenting an informational session on the Humber College Magnet Pilot Project. Ashvini, dressed in a long top with black pants, exudes professionalism and expertise as she explains the features and benefits of the project with passion and clarity. The audience appears attentive and engaged, and the classroom's TV Screen and teaching aids provided by Ashvini enhance the educational ambiance of the setting.
Striking image of the Northern Transformer Double Panel Tradeshow booth, expertly designed by Ashvini Sriharan. The first panel features a captivating transformer design drawing in white lines against a sleek black background and a comfortable seating section for meetings. The second panel prominently showcases the company's logo, a red leaf emblem blown up towards the bottom, with a small TV screen mounted above the center of the panel. A sleek podium with the logo sits illuminated in front of this panel. The two panels are elegantly held together at the top by a long black panel with the company logo centered, creating a cohesive and visually stunning booth
Screenshot of Northern Transformer Grand Opening Home Page designed by Ashvini
Stylish and compact image of the Northern Transformer Single Panel Tradeshow booth, meticulously designed by Ashvini Sriharan for smaller events. The top of the booth prominently displays the company's logo on a black panel, while a red leaf emblem is enlarged towards the bottom. A small TV screen is strategically mounted above the center of the booth. A sleek, illuminated podium with the company logo sits at the front of the booth, adding a touch of sophistication. The compact design of the booth makes it perfect for smaller events without compromising on the brand's visual impact.

Branching out

After working in Higher Education for a few years, I decided to explore the manufacturing sector with Northern Transformers. I had the opportunity to organize the Grand Opening for their new facility, design their trade show booths, and support in the launch of their new website! 

Check out the event web page I built to promote their Grand Opening event. 

Out of my comfort zone

I was offered another opportunity to come back to Humber College Career Services as a Career Resource Developer. This is where I became the LinkedIn Specialist on campus providing one-on-one and workshop coaching. I was also supporting with organizing the on-campus job fairs creating opportunities for employers and students to network. This is where I built my confidence in public speaking and coaching as someone who had always been shy and reserved!

Image of Ashvini Sriharan presenting a LinkedIn workshop to over 30 Humber College Students in the main atrium of the college. Two medium-sized TVs are used to present information, while learning materials and resources are placed behind the presenter on a table with the Advising & Career Services logo on it.
Image of Ashvini Sriharan, providing one-on-one resume advice to a Humber College mature student during a Resume Workshop session held at the Art Gallery located at the Humber College Lakeshore campus.
Image of Ashvini Sriharan, a professional woman wearing a black blazer, standing in front of the large in-wall LinkedIn logo at the LinkedIn headquarters in Toronto. She is smiling and has both hands in her pockets.

The big software project

Another door opened for me when I was referred to take on a secondment role as Project Manager (PM) for the CareerConnect Job Portal Implementation project for Humber College Career Services. It was my first big software implementation project due to it's scale and high stakes. I continued the work of the first PM to migrate the Placement and Job search processes for eight Academic departments to the Symplicity CRM while also working on the launch campaign (later narrowing it down to six after organizational restructuring). This is where I proved my capability but also learned my limits. I made the difficult decision to step away from the project after a year and a half to prioritize my wellness and heal my burnout. 

Image of Ashvini Sriharan providing information on the new Career Connect Job Portal at Humber College to a female student. Ashvini is seated at a table with the student seated on the opposite side, using a laptop to help the student navigate the site. There are resources and promotional flyers placed on the table, and the event is hosted at the cafeteria of the Humber College Lakeshore campus.
Image of the redesigned Humber College Co-Curricular Program Home Page by Ashvini Sriharan. The website is built on Drupal and features a large navy blue hero banner with a welcome message for visitors. Below the banner, there are blocks, one for each of the two columns on the page, that direct visitors to various pages of the site. The site predominantly uses the Humber College Navy blue brand color.

Career comeback

After returning from my leave of absence, I took on the Coordinator, Co-Curricular Record (CCR) role within Student Life at Humber College, also supporting University of Guelph-Humber. The CCR is a record of skill development that highlights experiences the student participated in outside of the classroom. This was another software related role which included vetting new software, rebranding the program, and updating resources/tutorials. I also represented Humber as a member of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) CCR Community of Practice (CoP). My specific role in the CoP was marketing lead where I created a video explaining Co-Curricular Programming to employers as a recognized record of on-campus experiences for students. 

Check out the CCR Virtual Expo Web Page I built with the support of the Humber Web Team on Drupal. 

From Client to Vendor

From CCR at Humber to Digital Engagement & Multimedia Specialist at George Brown College (GBC), I soon started to realize my drive in content strategy and resource development. Targeting my portfolio and building my network in the industry soon paid off as I was hired by TenThousandCoffees, a mentorship and connectivity platform, as Product Specialist. This was my first look into the software start up world. Hired to build on their Knowledge Base, I was immediately challenged with the new learning and pace of the start up world.

Check out the 10KC Case Study I submitted for my interview at 10KC.

The Catalyst(s)

2022 was the most transformational and rewarding year for me with many catalysts that changed my life overnight. Though in the moment it was terrifying and challenging, I gained new perspectives and trust in myself to fully take control of my life. A few years back, I had "mini-retirement by 30" and "solo-travel" on my vision board to only lose hope of achieving it due to finances. However, life had other plans and before I knew it, I had quit my job and embarked on a solo journey through eight countries over the course of six months. This experience opened my eyes to the endless opportunities and my own capabilities. It also highlighted the environmental and socioeconomic issues related to tourism, and I am now more conscious of them as I plan future adventures.

I aspire to inspire others, particularly women of colour, to bolster their self-esteem by taking risks, showing self-compassion, and setting boundaries. My upcoming passion project involves building my Career Wellness blog, Careerladr, where I aim to share my experiences and insights gleaned from my wellness and self-esteem building journey. Stay tuned for updates!

Image of Ashvini Sriharan celebrating her birthday in Paphos, Cyprus, overlooking the ocean. She is wearing a beautiful floral dress and is seated at a wooden table with a small birthday cake on a table.
Image of Ashvini Sriharan standing in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. She is wearing a black top and orange flowy pants.
Image of Ashvini Sriharan standing in the hallway of the Agora museum in Athens, Greece. The pillars are visible behind her. She is wearing a black dress, a jean jacket around her waist, and white sneakers. A red hat is also visible on her head.
Image of Ashvini Sriharan seated on a cliff at Butterfly Valley in Turkey, watching the beautiful sunset over the horizon. The valley is surrounded by rocky cliffs and crystal blue water.
Image of Ashvini Sriharan standing in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. She is wearing a white tank top and a yellow floral patterned skirt.

Client Appreciation

Ashvini is a collaborator that looks to improve processes and create solutions. In the revamp of our intranet site, Ashvini brought expertise and quickly identified the critical path to achieve a refreshed SharePoint site. The result is a destination and resource for employee activity. The site is easily navigated and provides a seamless user experience. Ashvini is thorough in the documentation of work completed and highly communicative during the project.

Laura Takahashi

Communications Lead

Stryker Canada

Ash is an incredibly talented professional. During her time with us, she led in the development and design of our career fair website, designed beautiful print-copy for our on-campus centers, as well as managed our social media outreach for our department. Her creativity and passion for her work made her an invaluable asset to our team. We highly recommend Ash for any project in need of a skilled professional.

Pirom Houth

Manager, Career Planning & Development

George Brown College

Ashvini took full control of our project to revamp our website and to create learning supports to explain all facets of the CCR. She created a marketing and communications plan, then created all the content – videos, instructional content, etc., refreshing our brand and increasing access and ease of use. Ashvini’s technical expertise was indispensable in reviewing and vetting software to run our CCR program.

Shaun Carson

Associate Director, Student Life and Learning

Humber College

Let's make it happen!

Let's make it happen!

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